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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 12 2006,23:04   

I would just like to de-cloak for a moment and congratulate all the contributors to this thread for their thoughtful and interesting postings.  For me, this is like a freebie science course with a lot of entertainment thrown in.
Words fail me when I try to describe you.
(You'll probably take that as a compliment ??? )
Get out of this intellectual dead-end you are in.   You have produced nothing to support your outlandish claims.
Boldcaps not withstanding
That whole business about the Portugese thingy was just dreadful.
You never did get around to producing a list of loan-words. (sigh)
Please, do go to and argue with devout Christians who could possibly set you straight.
I don't hold much hope that you'll finally get your eyes opened but the entertainment value would be priceless.

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