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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 03 2006,06:26)
";Cope's Rule" describes the tendency of fossils (e.g. shellfish) to get bigger as you trace them upward through the geological strata. But why should evolution make things generally bigger? Indeed, living forms of fossils tend to be smaller than their fossil ancestors. A better explanation may be the sorting action of water.16

I like that last question ... "But why should evolution make things generally bigger?"  I thought there was no such thing as "Upward Evolution?"

Yup, Davie-pie, there is no such thing as "upward evolution" in the sense of a teleological goal, or "aiming towards mankind", or any kind of goal other than short-term reproductive success.  But if you can actually take a moment to think about it, the observed pattern is strong evidence for evolution and pretty strong evidence against creationism.

The ToE predicts that organisms start small, because they can't just poof into existence fully formed, and that individual changes will be small because evolution can only modify pre-existing structures, and that populations respond to their environment (e.g. you can't have big organisms until there's enough for them to eat).  From these predictons it immediately follows that we should see an overall increase in complexity and size in the early parts of the fossil record (starting from small and simple there's only one direction in which to change), reaching a plateau when size and complexity get to a point beyond which the returns diminish. That's exactly what we see; another success for the ToE!

OTOH, creationism predicts that anything is possible, and has no explanation for the observed facts of tehj fossil record other than magic; the so-called "creationist explanations" for the order in the fossil record (differential escape, hydrodynamic sorting, and ecological zonation) fall apart when examined.

Let's look at grass and fern pollen.  Grass and ferns grow pretty much everywhere that any plant grows on land.  Grass doesn't run very fast, and ferns are famed for their lack of running ability.  Grass pollen has the same hydrodynamic properties as fern pollen.  

But fern pollen is found in abundance in strata from circa 400 million years ago to the present, and grass pollen is only found in strata from circa 70 million years ago to the present.

How did that grasss pollen get sorted out, Davie-diddles?

Or take plesiosaurs and dolphins.   They live (or lived) in the same environment, moved the same way, and have the same hydrodynamic properties.  Plesiosaur fossils are found in strata from 200-65 million years old and no more recent, dolphin fossils are found in strata from 13 million years old to the present.  How did that happen, Davie-poot?
And I want to write accurately

Don't bother with your pathetic lies, Davie-dork.  You've made it painfully clear that your purpose is to promulgate your flawed ideology, no matter how many lies it takes or how much reality you have to deny.
So I investigate the claims of Evolutionists and the claims of Creationists.  ... because that is really my goal -- to weigh the claims of the Evos against the claims of the Creos.

Then you should start weighing the claims of the "evos" against the claims of the "creos". So far you haven't engaged the claims of the "evos" at all; you've just weighed the claims of the "creos" agains creationist strawmen of the "evo" positions.

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