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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 02 2006,19:06)
Nice organized fossils, huh?  Wanna show me an example?

Sure, Davie-poodles, I'll show you more than one; they're easy enough to find if you get up off your duff and look ... after all, there's so many of 'em

A Smooth Fossil Transition: Foraminifera is especially interesting because foram fossils and their change over time are so well known that forams are one of the major markers used in interpreting oil well drilling cores (Foraminifera: Fossil Record) ... and those guys don't use techniques that aren't proven to work.  Glenn Morton provides a list of foram fossil names by age and by correlation between locations at Microfossil Stratigraphy Presents Problems for the Flood.  Over 216,000 foram fossils in The National Collection of Foraminifera, 16,000 of them catalogued in an on-line database with on-line SEM photographs.  Knock yourself out.

A few more examples of smooth transitions at Smooth Change in the Fossil Record.

Good stuff on ammonoids at Species and Genus Level Evolution in the Fossil Record.

And, of course, we're interested in ourselves; the record of hominid evolution is well presented at Hominid Species, with lots more information at Fossil Hominids: The Evidence for Human Evolution.  I find it especially amusing that the changes in hominid evolution are so gradual that creationists who insist that each fossil is wholly ape or wholly human are all over the map on which fossils are ape and which fossils are human: Comparison of all skulls.

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