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Quote (afdave @ Aug. 24 2006,22:13)
Dating sedimentary rocks (This is from one of the two major reference works on radiometric dating).
SHRIMP Uranium-Lead Dating of Diagenetic Xenotime in Siliciclastic Sedimentary Rocks
SHRIMP U/Pb geochronology of authigenic xenotime and its potential for dating sedimentary basins
New dating technique with sand grains
On the evaluation of glauconite and illite for dating sedimentary rocks by the potassium-argon method
The potential for U-Pb Dating of Coprolites, Hartford Basin, Connecticut
Fission-track dating of volcanically derived sedimentary rocks  Moron.  Cha-ching!!!!

Nice links Jon.  They show how to date grains of IGNEOUS origin, Jon.  Let me say this really slow, Jon ...

S C I E N T I S T S         A T T E M P T         T O        D A T E      W A T E R        L A I D           S E D I M E N T A R Y        L A Y E R S       B Y      D A T I N G      G R A I N S     O F     I G N E O U S     O R I G I N         ...      However, the Creation Date of these grains has NOTHING to do with the Deposition Date of these layers.

Oh, Davie, Davie, Davie, Davie.  You are such a moron.  You didn't even read the freakin' titles!!!!  And, Lord knows, you didn't actually read the links, especially the first one; all the links refute your claim.  Maybe a few BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS with W I D E   S P A C I N G will succeed in penetrating the incredible thickness of your skull.

No, Davie, they do not show how to date grains of igneous origin.  I told you already, several times, they don't do that (at least, they don't do that to date the sedimentary rock; they may do it for other reasons).  If you would stop trying to pretend you have even some vague idea of how dating works, and pay attention to what I and others write, you might actualy learn somthing.

AS I said, they show how to date "WATER LAID" SEDIMENTARY ROCKS. They did this, NOT BY DATING THE IGNEOUS-ORIGIN GRAINS IN THE ROCKS, but rather by D A T I N G   P A R T S   O F   T H E   R O C K S   T H A T   F O R M E D   O R   H O M O G E N I Z E D   W H E N   T H E   R O C K S   L I T H I F I E D.  (I know "lithified" is an awfully big word for one as stupid as you, so I'll explain that it means "changed from loose sediments into solid rock"; that is, when the layer of sediment became a sedimentary rock).  Mostly they dated things in the "cement" that formed between the igneous-origin grains and held the rock togehter as a rock. In some cases they dated xenotime that grew on the outside of igneous-origin zircons when the sedimentary rock lithified such as in the second and third links.  And I haven't completely figured out what they did in the second-to-last link, but it appears to be dating whale poop, so I threw it in for grins.

Davie-pootles, we know that the creation date of those grains has nothing to do with when the sediment was laid down (except that the grains were created before the sediment was laid down).  We have stated many times that the creation date of those grains has nothing to do with when the sediment was laid down.  You keep claiming that the direct radiometric dating of sedimentary rocks involves finding the creation date of the grains of the rock.  D I R E C T   R A D I O M E T R I C   D A T I N G   O F   S E D I M E N T A R Y   R O C K S   D O E S   N O T  I N V O L V E   D A T I N G   T H E   G R A I N S   T H A T   M A K E   U P   T H E   R O C K.  Direct radiometric dating of rocks does involve dating structures that formed or homogenized when the rock lithified and the date of these structures is the date of the sedimentary rock layer.

Moron.  Cha-ching, Cha-ching!!!!!!!!

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