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Still trying to peddle that strawman, Davie-dingleberry.  Sory, no sale.

Quote (afdave @ Aug. 15 2006,20:55)
(Start of Circle) How do we know the rocks are old? Because of the fossils in them.

No.  We know the rocks are old because it takes lots of time to form the many diverse structures we see.  That fact was obvious to the great Christian geologists of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, creationists to a man ... but, unlike you, honest creationists.  When they faced the obvious fact that the Earth is far older than a few thousand years, they tried to figure out how to reconcile that with Ussher's chronology.  When that proved impossible, they chose reality over fantasy and discarded Ussher's chronology.

A History of the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth:
In the end, the old diluvial cosmogonies fell victim to their own success. The genuine spirit of scientific inquiry that they engendered and stimulated gradually produced a wealth of geological discoveries that undercut the premises of diluvialism. All manner of different field observations indicated that geological strata could not be the remains of layers of soft sediments deposited together at the same time. Furthermore, the plethora of exegeses of the deluge account raised doubts in many scholarly minds about whether the Bible was being properly used in trying to settle questions of geological history. By the middle of the eighteenth century, few competent proponents of diluvialism remained.

The basic pattern of the attempts to accommodate extrabiblical information during this period is by now familiar. Scholars began with the assumption that the biblical flood narrative describes a literal universal deluge and then sought evidence of that event using the best scientific tools and evidence available to them. As evidence accumulated, however, their theories became increasingly untenable, and when that happened, all those who were dedicated to the truth of the matter -- scientists and theologians alike -- abandoned the discredited hypotheses and began to look elsewhere.

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