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Quote (afdave @ July 19 2006,13:22)
Probably got eroded when it was still soft ... or maybe there were other cataclysmic things going on ... I'm not sure of the precise erosion mechanism ...

But I'm sure of this ...

A rinky dink river (the Colorado River) cannot form the features of the Grand Canyon even if given millions of years

Classic Dave: repeating a statement in bold is worth more than, oh, presenting any evidence at all. And the usual plausibility gap: he finds ordinary erosive processes impossible, and he finds impossible floods plausible.

You know, a few months ago I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time. It was absolutely awe-inspiring. I found the experience particularly moving because many, many things which I'd known in theory suddenly became concrete and real to me. Earlier on the same day I'd visited Sunset Crater (volcanic eruption circa 1000 AD) and walked through a lava field there, so it was a day of major geological experiences for me. Phenomena which I'd seen in textbooks as a child suddenly became part of my immediate experience, and that sensation of meshing between my abstract and concrete knowledge was mind-expanding.

I feel profound pity for people like Dave, who can see something like the Grand Canyon and, instead of recognising it for what it is, feel compelled to shoehorn it into their incredibly limited view of the range of time and space.

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