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Shirley Knott

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(Permalink) Posted: June 30 2006,07:19   

Sorry, Dave, the examples given are not equivocal.  Not in any way shape or form.  And nobody here finds them equivocal, and no scholar finds them equivocal.  (Josh McDowell is an embarassment to mankind and literacy, not a scholar.  He is also demonstratbly an idiot and horrifyingly dishonest.  No surpise you rely on him, you like being lied to, don't you dave?)
But the list of inaccuracies and falsehoods in the bible is far longer than it need be -- ONE single example of the bible being errant suffices to call the entirety into question.
The answer to that question is that the bible is a book of myths and tales and stories, the accuracy of none of which can be accepted or assumed absent independant confirmation.

And regarding your other silly little jab, it doesn't matter what I believe or if I believe nothing whatever about existence, matter, and time.  It doesn't even matter if we don't know -- we know enough to rule out a creator god and that suffices.
What matters is that you are incorrect in virtually everything you post (I give you benefit of the doubt and assume you are correct about your own name.  I doubt, however, your assertions about af participation and the qualifications you claim.  But I'm not very interested and don't really care.  Where it's important you are wrong, and that's what matters. )  And the notion of 'creator god' is fundamentally incoherent and irrational.

Care to give me 3 good examples where the bible has been shown to be correct?  It won't be the flood, it won't be the "missing day" when some prophet made the sun stand still.  It won't be the life of Jesus called Christ.  What shall they be?
If it boils down to independant confirmation that *some* people and places named in the bible really did exist, so what?  We get that from Gone with the Wind, too.

hugs for rational animals and their pets,
Shirley Knott

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