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Do you consider that the National Weather Service tortured the people who they warned but who chose to stay in New Orleans?  I don't think they did.  They simply warned of something inevitable and the people chose to not heed the warning.  God simply warns people of something inevitable, but He does not force people to avoid it.  To do so would violate the whole free will thing.  In other words, God wants to 'throw a really good party' for His kids.  He invites everyone to come and warns that NOT coming to the party will be a really bad deal for you.  But He's a gentleman and doesn't force anyone to come to his party.

Terrible analogy.  The National Weather Service wasn't responsible for Katrina, and could do nothing to stop it from happening.  God, supposedly, can do as he pleases. He sets the rules, and determines every person's fate. (Or is the Great White Throne of Judgement simply a sham?)

A better analogy would be to say that the Mafia was throwing a really great party for everybody with the tacit understanding that if you don't show up things will go really bad for you.  The problem is that some people never received their invitations, some got garbled messages and turned up at the wrong place or the wrong time, and some received their invites from known liars and didn't believe them.

But no matter the reason, those who failed to show up got a visit from heavies wielding baseball bats and tommy guns to mete out their punishment. Oh, and by the way, the Mafia Boss is such a gentleman, and would never force anyone to attend his party, but woe betied you if you disrespect him by not turning up.

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