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Chris Hyland

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I submit to you that it defies all sound logic and rational thinking to rule out the possibility of Intelligent Design.
I'm not, Im just saying there isn't enough evidence to conclude ID.

Actually, I have.  Cosmic Fine Tuning is excellent evidence for an Intelligent Designer because it is complex and specified.  What we have essentially are 70 or so parameters which must be exactly what they are, or life would not exist.  Now this can be compared to 70 dice ...
Firstly you don't know that some form of life couldn't exist if they were different. Secondly how do you know that you can assume that all values have equal probability. Just to clarify, I am not saying I can disprove that fine tuning is the result of a designer, I am saying we don't have enough information to make in informed conclusion.

I cannot explain this one any more clearly than I have already explained it.  I guess this is one of those things that some people get and some people don't.  I'm at a loss to understand how scientists cannot see this one.
You must understand though as a scientist arguments along the lines of 'listen it's just obvious ok' do not really hold much sway with me.

Turns out all you had was 'one lousy half of one percent' of sequence similarity.
If our genome was a hundred bases long I would agree with you. You are aware that half a percent is 16 million bases right?

If so, my question is ... how do you reconcile a harmful event (2A + 2B = 2) with the success of human evolution (i.e. they turned out smarter, better looking, etc. than chimps)
Not all chromosome rearragements are harmful. No one is saying that it is this fusion that has caused the phenotypic differences between humans and chimps on its own.

I understand that you have many things that support your theory.  I understand quite clearly that I must dismantle each of them one by one.  That is exactly what I am doing at this forum.  We're making good progress toward that goal.

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