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Quote (Henry J @ May 29 2006,19:25)
Accelerated decay rates?

Claim CF210: Radiometric dating assumes that radioisotope decay rates are constant (Morris, 1985)


Actually, the RATE group has figured out that the only thing that can accelerate decay rates is a miracle, and the only explanation for (at least) the lead in zircons is radioactive decay, so they've admitted that they're just putting up a scientific facade to fool the choir. From HELIUM DIFFUSION RATES SUPPORT ACCELERATED NUCLEAR DECAY:

The fact that these percentages are high confirms that a large amount of nuclear decay did indeed occur in the zircons. Other evidence strongly supports much nuclear decay having occurred in the past [14, pp. 335-337]. We emphasize this point because many creationists have assumed that "old" radioisotopic ages are merely an artifact of analysis, not really indicating the occurrence of large amounts of nuclear decay. But according to the measured amount of lead physically present in the zircons, approximately 1.5 billion years worth &#8212; at today&#8217;s rates &#8212; of nuclear decay occurred.

{emphasis in original}

And from Helium Diffusion Age of 6,000 Years Supports Accelerated Nuclear Decay :

From the start, several members of the steering committee were convinced that episodes of greatly accelerated nuclear decay rates had occurred within thousands of years ago. For the preservation of life, such episodes seem possible only under special circumstances: (1) before God created living things, (2) after the Fall but well beneath the biosphere, and (3) during the year of the Genesis Flood, when the occupants of Noah's ark would be safe from most radiation (Humphreys, 2000, pp. 340-341).


Thus our new diffusion data support the main hypothesis of the RATE research initiative: that God drastically accelerated the decay rates of long half-life nuclei during the earth's recent past. For a feasibility study of this hypothesisincluding God's possible purposes for such acceleration, Biblical passages hinting at it, disposal of excess heat, preserving life on earth, and effects on stars, see Humphreys (2000, pp. 333-379). The last three problems are not yet fully solved, but we expect to see progress on them in future papers.

I don't see why the last three are problems; if God can magic all decay rates up by a factor of a million or so, why can't He magic away the heat, magic away the radiation, and magic away all other effects?  What's a few more miracles among friends?

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