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YES, YES!! Thankyou!  A Thousand time YES!  This is precisely what you should do!  And while you are at it, put your Origins and Macro-Evolution Hypothesis in exactly the same format and go look for that evidence on the same trek!

- Hypothesis: humans evolved from the same lineage as modern apes

- Observation: the modern apes that are most physiologically similar to humans have 24 chromosomes per haploid

- Observation: humans have 23 chromosomes per haploid

- Conclusion: either humans have lost a chromosome or the other apes have all gained a chromosome

- By application of parsimony: humans have lost a chromosome

- Observation: chromosomes are generally "lost" by merging with another chromosome, as destruction of a chromosome's worth of genetic information is generally fatal

- Conclusion: at some point in our ancestry, two human chromosomes merged

- Prediction: one human chromosome will closely resemble two ape chromosomes merged together.

This prediction was subsequently confirmed. I can present other instances of confirmed predictions if you like.

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