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Reed A. Cartwright

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(Permalink) Posted: April 21 2006,00:01   

The whole Larry banning issue is a little complicated because he uses AOL.  At least one other banned user used AOL to bypass his ban, causing us to block some AOL IP ranges in February.  This was after Larry had begun to post under different identities, like "Andy H".

When looking at the banning of the other user mentioned above, I noticed the Larry/Andy H/etc. thing as an infraction of our comment rules.  This led to his IPs being placed in our ban list.  This didn't work because he was using AOL.  Not only was he still able to comment under multiple identities but other users were suffering collateral damage.

In mid March, I tried a different technique and banned a couple of his aliases.  Larry responded by coming up with new identities to avoid the ban.

At no point did Larry email the admins about his inability to post.  Had Larry done so, some of this could have been cleared up.  Now its gone too far, and I doubt we'll change our decision.

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