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Quote (afdave @ April 25 2006,09:40)
So all I get is rotten tomatoes and eggs?

Who is going to be manly enough to answer the obviously embarassing question of why most people in the USA are still creationists in spite of the evolutionists virtual monopoly over US schools, universities, publications and the media for at least 40 years?  

It's a really simple question, guys ...

Come on, you can do it ... Steve Story?  Moses? Lenny?  Anyone?

The "virtual monopoly" business is a creationist myth. High school and university teachers are intimidated into not teaching views that disagree with creationism by parents and the administrations. (See here if you don't believe me, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.)  Popular books abound on why evolution is wrong and creationism is right, while most scientist think it's too obvious to address.

It is embarrassing that most Americans - unlike citizens of most other countries - are creationists, but only in the same way that it's embarrassing that only about three-fourths of them know that the Earth goes around the Sun, and that most of them can name more Simpsons characters than they can First Amendment rights.

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