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Well, I'll just put down the key one for me, but it takes some explaining:

1. There are many potential findings that would blow the theory of evolution completely out of the water. None of these have been found. For example:

- Fossils go neatly from less complex to more complex as time goes by. There are no - none, zero, nada, zilch - anachronisms to be found: rabbits in the Silurian era or human skeletons alongside dinosaurs. How does your flood do that?

- Every living thing ever found can be placed neatly into a family tree. There are no gryphons or centaurs or half-bird, half-mammals.

- Every living things features are consistent with its position in the family tree, from its body plan to its biochemistry to its genetic sequence. (For just one example, the odds of humans and chimpanzees having the same Cytochrome C is something like 1 in 10^90. But they do.) You come up with the same tree no matter what. The odds of that are beyond astronomical, while a single organism that didn't fit would be the death knell for evolution.

- Every living thing uses the same genetic code. One organism with a different code would be an utter failure for evolution.

There's plenty more I could say, but that's the clincher for me.

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