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Quote (The Ghost of Paley @ May 23 2006,17:07)

Tons of studies show that fatherless households are unstable ones. I do believe I've quoted a few on this very board. Now, let's see... the majority of freshly married couples will be lesbian - many already have children, and this new right will probably encourage them to have even more. Now, lesbian couples tend to be fatherless....still with me, ladlergo? all of these children will have to find their masculine role models outside the home. Gee, I wonder which ones they'll pick? Turn on the TV for a few hints. Oh, but it's not the lack of dads, it's just the lack of two parents? Color me skeptical. Here's another source just to hear you whine.  :p

Duh.  Of course a family with one parent is going to be less stable (on average) that a family with two parents.

Now please show the studies that say that same-sex two-parent households fall under this category of single-parent homes.  I'm not seeing them.

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