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Chris Hyland

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Several people have pointed out how family disruption affects the children, and a single parent family fares worse than those with two parents. The point is that children from a two parent gay faimly are no more emotionally worse off than with a heterosexual family, and are no more likely to become gay themselves. The difference between allowing gay people to marry and allowing any arbitrary union is that the vast majority of openly gay people are not attracted to the opposite sex. So for example if we allowed 5 people to marry this would not solve any problem whatsoever and is unessecary, I am of course assuming that there is not a large number of people who are only attracted to 4 other people and no other number. So for the vast majority of the population the union of either man/man or man/woman will suffice. Regarding the 'normailizing gay marriage will encourage more people to experiment with their tendancies' argument: in many cases that might be true but in most cases these people will find a way to experiment regardless, which if they are terrified of anyone finding out is likely to be more promiscuos than otherwise.

Once again, civil rights can only be enjoyed if the public assumes the responsibilities that come with those rights.
Gay people will have the same responsibilities as married heterosexual people. I really don't understand what you think the impact on society will be. Legalising gay marriage will not increase the number of gay people, so I'm not sure how your immigration analogy holds. Also could you please define the nodes and edges in your network in which marriage is a hub.

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