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Sure, messy, but yet sunspots and things like the Jupiter red spot are kind of like bits of order in chaos, arent they?

Chaos doesn't mean disorder.  It basically implies unpredictability in it's dynamics.  There are dynamical systems that are well understood (a single planet orbiting a star) but most things out there are quite complex.  Chaos is not a well defined idea, but from what I know chaotic systems are heavily dependant on initial conditions.  For example, if you put a drop of water on the back of your hand it will roll off.  But, at some angle of your hand the drop will have a tough time "deciding" which way to fall.  At this point tiny imperfections (the shaking of your hand from blood flow) may have a large impact on the outcome.  This is considered chaotic.  It really has nothing to do with disorder or information.  Just unpredictability.  Gleick's Chaos is a fabulous read for the inclined.  Lots of pretty fractal pictures and interesting topics.  It's aimed at the learned layman.

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