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Michael Tuite

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 08 2006,17:16   

For me, a preference for the Windows operating system is not unlike support for intelligent design: I cannot fathom why any intellectually honest, thinking person would willingly choose such a demonstrably pernicious product. If your job, or your faith, forces one or the other on you and you lack the virtue and fortitude to resist then you deserve to wallow in the shadow of ignorance. Windows, like ID, is bad and bad for you.  ;)

That being said, every Total Cost of Ownership calculation I have seen puts the price of a Mac well below the cost of a comparable PC. Just think, no more time and money spent battling viruses, trojan horses, spyware, addware, etc. As for the volume of software argument, who cares if there are 50 versions of solitaire for the PC? There is a tremendous Mac free/shareware community, especially in the sciences.

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