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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: April 11 2006,16:21   

The "the zygote becomes a unique human being therefore it IS a human being" argument is just plain fallacious. Here's why:

1. A zygote can split and become TWO individuals.
2. Twin zygotes can fuse into one mosaic individual.

In the first case: did the unique identity of the first zygote fission along with the blastula as a whole to make two new unique identities? Or did some new unique identity descend upon it from on high?

In the second case, what happened to the unique identity of the second twin? Was it absorbed into that of the first twin? Or do some people walk around with two unique identities?

Finally, if God loves all embryos, why is the spontaneous abortion rate so high? And where do all those unique identities go? (Maybe they're recycled or something. I'd like to know.)

-Tom Ames

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