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For the American market :
Because bacteria develop resistance and new viruses appear all the time.

should be

Because bacteria is constantly redesigned with new resistance and new viruses appear all the time, since the pesky intelligent designer cannot make up his friggin mind.

It just occured to me. Humans are actually fighting the so called "intelligent designer" when they make new drugs, are they not? Does Dembski teach this to his Sunday School class?

Also, I am a computer programmer. If the Vitamin C gene in humans are not working any more, why is it not fixed, or why is the cra_ppy code not deleted? "Sloppy Designer". Also, mutation should be prevented in the code, at all cost. Most mutations are "bad mutations". Data corruption / malfunction is not a sign if "intelligence" at all. Surely, no Christian can worship their God and the intelligent designer at the same time. Could it be the devil then????

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