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I have no vested interest in biology and I read several books on evolution probably 10 years ago but have given it little thought since then.  I have been a Skeptical Inquirer subscriber for years and  I kept noticing little articles or book reviews concerning IDC over the last couple of years and I'd seen where Georgia began losing their mind ("changes over time") but I never paid much attention to it until the Skeptical Inquirer dedicated a whole issue on IDC.  That was the worst SI issue I had ever read...

I read several of the IDC articles in it and felt I didn't understand anything about it so I went to the trusty web and found the Wiki ID article and ultimately found PT and other pro science web sites.

Next thing I know I am writing letters to editors and elected officials in my state and committing all sorts of other mischief.

Anyhow, that's how I got interested in IDC - a terrible Skeptical Inquirer issue.

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