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Quote (olegt @ Mar. 03 2008,20:37)
The thread “No process can result in a net gain of information” underlies 2LoT is silly, and doubly so.  First DLH picks up a paper from a third-rate physics teacher at a third-rate university (who publishes his stuff in the aforementioned silly journal Entropy), then the church choir sings variations of “Entropy is disorder."  

Entropy does not equate disorder.  This common misunderstanding has been discussed many times by physicists, but it isn't going away anytime soon.  Consider this excerpt from an  article published in the Journal of Chemical Education:
To aid students in visualizing an increase in entropy many elementary chemistry texts use artists' before-and-after drawings of groups of "orderly" molecules that become "disorderly".  This has been an anachronism ever since the ideas of quantized energy levels were introduced in elementary chemistry.  "Orderly-disorderly" seems to be an easy visual support but it can be so grievously misleading as to be characterized as a failure-prone crutch rather than a truly reliable, sturdy aid.

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