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That said, ID does have implications for ethics and morality.

Because while ID does not depend upon a supernatural designer, it does not exclude a supernatural designer either. ID does not speak of far less prove the existence of the God in which I believe, but it is not incompatible with His existence

This is really ironic. The Intelligent Designer makes human males, so that by the age of 18 (healthy, full blooded males) they would do anything to get a girl into bed. It is a law of nature. The ones that don't succeed dream about it. The ones that deny this are liars. So, what is this whole thing about "morality"?

Furthermore, I am an atheist and against adultery (not fornication outside of wedlock). Why? Not because of some "higher" moral truck, but because adultery can be devastating on the people (and kids) involved. Now, it appears as if lots of males (Fundies too!;) cannot refrain from intercourse if the opportunity arises. Why? Because of hormones, thus because of DNA. So, if this "Intelligent Designer" wants to take credit for it, he is welcome to. He is, after all then responsible for every immoral act. The fundies can then conclude that since they are made with such hormones, it is OK to adulterate and fornicate. Furthermore, murder would also be ok for them (act of anger). The Bible is clear that their "God" instructed them (the chosen ones) to kill males, females and children. Except the virgins of course, they could keep them. Wonder for what...

Bottom line, when the ID people start squealing about immorality, it makes me sick. Christians are not more moral or immoral than people of other beliefs (or lack of). They need to understand the implications of what they are REALLY saying. They should think before spouting such utter nonsense.

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