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Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 21 2006,16:22)
<Pic. of 3-mile island plaque>

OK so it wasn't catastrophic...

On balance, many people do appear to get overwrought by the peceived dangers of nuclear power.  In reality, even if you include projected long term deaths from cancer after Chernobyl (in the low thousands), fatality rates are no worse than for coal, oil, or hydro-electric sources of power over a similar period of years. (And there's no way of knowing how much oil and coal-fired power stations have contributed to deaths through pollution of the environment.)

Of course, it's easy to see why nuclear power is so unpopular.    Nuclear weapons are the most likely means of our destruction (should it ever happen) and nuclear power is inextricably linked to that.  It's the fear factor, and fear is usually anything but rational.  And the truth is that no amount of re-education is going to make nuclear power acceptable to the American public unless and until the rise in price of other sources of energy bite deep into people's wallets.

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