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More leads from Ed's blog:
Lastly (for me, anyhow; I encourage anyone who reads this to do their own research on Youth With A Mission), DailyKos did a series of articles about YWAM's political connections back in 2006. Moreover, here's an article about connections between Ted Haggard and YWAM (perhaps this sort of thing is why Murray also shot up Haggard's former church?) and the charming story of YWAM member Paul Huberty who, according to the article (which links to the case documents):
...was convicted by officer members of consensual sodomy, fondling his genitals in a public area, indecent acts, and adultery, in violation of Articles 125, 133, and 134, Uniform Code of Military Justice, 10 USC 925, 933, and 934. On February 11, 1997, the convening authority approved the sentence of dismissal, confinement for 6 months, and a reprimand, and the court below affirmed.
So what happened to Huberty after this conviction? Why, he became a YWAM Youth Pastor!
While in the Air Force Academy he married a girl who was in the youth group where he was part time youth pastor...maybe she was pregnant. He was courtmartialed in Germany and after serving 6 months in prison, he moved his family to Hawaii where he entered, get this, Youth With A Mission. He became a youth missionary and "served" in several places such as the Philipines while based in Hawaii...
And Huberty's last known whereabouts as of August 2006?

Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sound familiar? Did Huberty and Murray ever meet up? Hmmm. I don't know. Does anybody?

Your serve, BarristerA

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