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Here's my prediction for the next big Dembski Meltdown:  

A few months ago, Dembski overdosed on tard pills and posted the home addresses, home phone numbers and private email addresses of the entire Baylor Board of Regents.  He was operating under the theory that the Regents were really on his side and that if they only knew the truth about how the Baylor administration was stifling the Evolutionary Informatics Lab, they would smite the administrative sinners and Dembski and the lab would be redeemed.  Which, by ID standards, is not that wild a theory.  Unfortunately for the Dr. Dr., things didn't work out quite like he'd planned.

I remember musing at the time that if I was on the board of regents of Dembski's employer, the Southwestern Theological Seminary and BBQ, I wouldn't sleep easy until he was off the payroll.

Therefore, I predict that the next Friday Meltdown™ will be Dembski announcing that his contract with Southwestern Bible and BBQ has not been renewed.

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