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Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 24 2007,16:35)
Someone help me out. On Evolutionary Informatics I see this snippet:

"The inability of any evolutionary search procedure to perform better than average indicate[s] the importance of incorporating problem-specific knowledge into the behavior of the [search] algorithm.

--David Wolpert and William G. Macready, "No free lunch theorems for optimization", IEEE Trans. Evol. Comp. 1(1) (1997): 67-82.

I'm looking at Wolpert and Macready's paper right now and cannot find that quote. Am I going blind?


I found this quote, "These same results also indicate the importance of  incorporating problem-specific knowledge into the behavior of the algorithm."

A search of the PDF doesn't show any of these terms: "inability", "evolutionary search" or "better than average".

I also can't find the word "inability" in the PDF.  Although I haven't read the paper carefully for the quote yet; maybe tonight.

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