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Quote (Venus Mousetrap @ Nov. 19 2007,09:11)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Nov. 19 2007,08:04)
Well, at least we still have YoungCosmos, even though nobody is allowed to comment there except Ftk and Slimey Sal.

I get the feeling that FtK is still upset with some/all of us. Sal writes on the realities of sex change operations in the context of Jon/Joan Roughgarden    
Will other Darwinists follow suit and have themselves neutered like Roughgarden?   How about it PZ or Ed Brayton, or the boys at ATBC?  Of course, this will inhibit the passing of their genes, and thus, such Darwinists evidence themselves as being biologically unfit.  The irony is that with a high incidence of homosexuality in Darwinian circles, they demonstrate themselves to be biologically unfit.

The irony! It's almost like us Darwinists aren't using the scientific theory of evolution as a lifestyle guide at all!


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