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Trouble (and signs of mental illness) in Tard Town:

Michael Medved Becomes Discovery Fellow




4:16 pm
I must admit, I find this news scary. This website already seems to have married itself to the global warming issue. If the discovery institute marries itself to Americanism, and to American conservativism, all reasonable issues, it will dilute the primary message of the institute. I ask that you please avoid having the Discovery Institute become the American Conservative Institute. If it does, I fear that the cause of Intelligent Design will suffer.




4:28 pm
bFast, this is good news. Michaelís radio show, coupled with the Expelled movie, and Denyse OíLearyís print journalism will break the liberal stranglehold on science media. The Darwinists are losing the PR battle and their so-called science will crumble right behind it

Is poachy one of us? †Deep mole?




6:38 pm
Nothing I have heard from Medved on his radio show when he talks about creationism leads me to believe that this is a good move.

By the way, Dembski just came out from under his rock to make the Medved announcement. †Isn't Medved the one who believes in Bigfoot?

Dan Sytman, Michael's producer and partner on the radio show, once saw Bigfoot at the edge of a summer camp in the woods. Even before meeting Dan, Michael was a passionate believer in Sasquatch.

That's from his own website...Copy it because I bet it vanishes soon...

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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