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Quote (jeffox @ Nov. 12 2007,23:10)
Aesahaettr, on the "blog reading level" thread, wrote:

Gosh, Barry, looks like you can’t catch a break today. It’s supposed to be “hoisted BY my own petard,” not “ON my own petard.” Why, it almost sounds like you don’t even know what a “petard” is.

Well, he certainly has the last 4 letters down.  :)

Aside, I wonder how long this comment will last there?

I always wondered just what a "petard" was, so here's's definition:

1. an explosive device formerly used in warfare to blow in a door or gate, form a breach in a wall, etc.  
4. hoist by or with one's own petard, hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another.  

But the fun part's the eytemology:

[Origin: 1590–1600; < MF, equiv. to pet(er) to break wind (deriv. of pet < L péditum a breaking wind, orig. neut. of ptp. of pédere to break wind) + -ard -ard]

So it's a kind of a farTard.

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