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Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 08 2007,10:50)
bornagain77: The SETI organization has branches in several states with radio telescopes and high-end computers in each state, vainly listening for that extra-terrestrial voice from the sky. They are indeed a well equipped and well endowed organization.

The SETI Institute is a privately supported organization and has established a goal to create a $100 million sustaining endowment.

bornagain77: They were reviewing the fact that though there have been some false alarms that has caused some major excitement, there has never actually been any received transmission from an extra-terrestrial intelligence, within the 40 years that SETI has operated. The interviewer was questioning a “scientist” at his computer bank when the “scientist” said. “We got the equipment to listen. If they ever call we will be listening. We are just waiting for them to call”. And with that being said, in the next instance the telephone rang right behind the “scientist”. Though he made a joke and said that it was probably the extra-terrestrial intelligence calling, He failed to see the humor that God poured into that situation. Whoever was actually on the Phone is besides the point. It could have been a telemarketer for that matter. The main point that he had missed is that the phone rang exactly when he had said “if an extra terrestrial intelligence ever calls we will be listening”, on national T.V. no less. I have news for that scientist, God was calling and in His sovereignty made that phone ring at that particular instance and indeed the “scientist” was not really listening for “some strange signal from the sky” though he was proclaiming that he was “listening” for some strange signal from the sky. I had to laugh at the whole situation for I have seen God speak many, many, many times using such remarkable “supernatural coincidences” to get His point across.

Apparently, God is a telemarketer.

Obviously, BA77 is an idiot.

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