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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Nov. 05 2007,16:33)
More tard from the tardmeister. On the Hollywood thread, DT tries to pretend that ID predicted something, and that Behe proved it. (my emphasis to highlight some of the completely idiotic bits)    
ID makes testable predictions about evolution. Take for instance the parasite that causes malaria - P.falciparum. We observed this single celled eukaryote in the last few decades replicating billions of trillions of times. That is orders of magnitude more replications than it ostensibly took to transform reptiles into mammals. ID predicted that even in billions of trillions of replications no creative evolution of the type that distinguishes mammals from reptiles is possible without intelligent agency. Sure enough, when the parasite was scrutinized in both phenotype and nucleotide-accurate genotype after billions of trillions of replications it had accomplished nothing but trivial (albeit medically important) changes.

This was the largest real-world emprical (sic) test of the principles underlying ID and evolution by other means. ID was confirmed and evolution by any other means was repudiated. Feel free to offer an explanation for the lack of any significant creative evolution in P.falciparum under the rubric of the modern synthesis. And don’t say ID doesn’t make testable predictions. It did and the prediction was confirmed. Furthermore it continues to predict that no significant creative evolution will take place in P.falciparum in any of the billions of trillions of replications it undergoes every single year. Can the modern synthesis even make a prediction in that regard? At this point it appears it cannot. The theory absent predictions in regard to creative evolution appears to be the modern synthesis not intelligent design.

Later in the comment thread MacT skates close to the bannination edge by arguing with DT over some of the idiotic things in his comment, and BA77 chimes in with his notions about reality      
A rock is composed of three basic ingredients; energy, force and truth.
and the non-theological nature of ID    
Thus, by the rules of logic this means truth emanates from God. So in answer to our question “What is Truth?” we can answer that truth comes from God.

All Science So Far!

If truth comes from god, and I am always truthful, I must be god.  

No need to bow down before me you hitler worshipping darwinists, but I do prefer that you all kiss my ring from now on.

ps: note how ba77 failed to answer his own rhetorical question

"what is truth - it comes from gawd"  

well what the fuck is it though, ba77?

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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