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Alligator man fired
Added by: Norbert, on 2007-10-29 09:03:46
After studying over 200 wild alligators and publishing over 100 papers I was denied tenure.

The Rest of the Story            
My alligator research was featured in the BBC TV documentary, A smile for the crocodile and my woodchuck studies were shown on the Today TV show. I was keynote speaker to a radio telemetry conference at Oxford University in England and took several research students with me. I had over 100 technical publications, more than anyone in the department yet was denied tenure. As often happens, that ended my professional career and marriage. I ended up driving 18-wheelers in order to retire. I now have 9 books accepted for publication.

Did you evilutionists read that?  Do you understand what you've done to this poor man?  He actually took several students to a telemetry conference at Oxford University and yet they STILL denied him tenure!

Oh!  The humanity!  
Oh!  The pain!
Oh!  The unfairness of it all!
Oh, WTF does this have to do with ID, anyway?  Were they intelligent alligators?  

Bless you, Ben Stein, for coming to this poor man's defense!

P.S. That is the funniest web site I have ever read.  Dave Barry is depressing compared to Ben Stein.

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