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OK.  It's time to thank Patrick for illustrating that ID has been fighting a straw man version of the ToE for the past, oh 10 years.  It's really illuminating when someone posts a "challenge" that illustrates they don't understand what they're talking about.

UDers: GA's can't create information.

Scientists: Yes they can, here are one million examples.

UDers: You snuck information in.

Scientists: Where?

UDers: Uh... Well show me a GA that can make words; like Dembski says  - that's impossible.

ATBC: Here are several examples.

UDers: Well show me a GA that can make impossible jumps over state space without intermediaries in an extremely sparse search space.

Scientists: That's not going to work; no one thinks evolution works that way.

Patrick: Ha!  GA THIS, SUCKERS!

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