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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Nov. 01 2007,11:38)

you need MATLAB though...

Are the scripts dependent on features GNU Octave doesn't have yet?

As far as I know, the scripts shoule be Octave-compatible, but I haven't played with Octave in quite some time.

The only things I was concerned about were the cell-array bits of code used for the dictionary storage / look up, and it looks like Octave can rock the cell arrays.  The only other code in there that might be MATLAB specific is the plotting code.

I think the code (excluding the dictionary look ups) is simple enough that mods are easy to make if anything untoward happens in Octave.  (Just let me know if you find Octave issues and I'll try to find ways around em)

As a side note, I have a much more generic GA toolbox that uses MATLAB objects (not included in the code on the webpage) that can do pretty much anything :)  If anyone wants that, it's pretty Beta, but I've been able to run a bunch of interesting experiments with it....  (That definitely can not be used in Octave b/c of the MATLAB objects)

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