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Quote (Venus Mousetrap @ Nov. 01 2007,11:04)
Quote (franky172 @ Nov. 01 2007,10:51)
Gil Dodgen has opined on the relative value of Zachriel's word Mutagenation program.  Of course Zach is quite capable of pointing out the numerous idiotic comments in Dodgen's reply, but I can't help jumping on the bandwagon pre-emptively.

Dodgen starts out:

I downloaded the simulation and looked at the source code. It is written in a programming language with which I am extremely familiar because I used it to develop the mission planner for our company’s guided airdrop system.

That's that weird parachute anecdote I was remembering.

By the way, your word GA looks really good :)

Gil loves to talk about parachutes.  Which is fine, I like to talk about my work, too.  But Dodgen comes off like he's showing off - what does the fact that he does air-dropping simulations have to do with anything?

re: the GA, thanks!  I think all the code is available for messin around with; you need MATLAB though...

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