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In the "Today's Class Project" thread, Bork has a brand new mathematics to share with us:            
Anyone else think that it is just lame that they use more than 26 iterations to achieve this?

If they just went through the alphabet in order they would be done so much faster…

If they converted the whole string to binary and kept the correct bits and then they could be done in 2 iterations!

Math for Tards: There are 28 letters and spaces in the target phrase and 26 letters plus a space, for a total of 27 characters in the alphabet.  If the Bork Method takes on average 1/2 of 27 iterations to get each character right in the target phrase, then going through the alphabet in order would take 13.5 x 28 tries to get "methinks it is like a weasel", or 378 iterations average.  

Try the program in question and write me if you ever find a run that takes even 200 iterations using Dawkins' method.

No, on second thought, write BarryA.

Now your binary method, that will take only two iterations, sounds very interesting.  I invite you to post it to Uncommon Descent so we can all learn.*

* As in "Rolling On The Floor, Learning."

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