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That world famous philosopher and public intellectual, Ben Stein, is setting the financial world on fire.  Here's what Andrew Leonard says in Salon:  
Ben Stein's weekly column in the New York Times is the econoblogosphere's equivalent of a horrible car wreck on the freeway. Even though they know they shouldn't rubberneck, that they should just keep their eyes glued to the road ahead and go about their normal business, the financial news junkies of the world just. can't. look. away.

The resulting contortions are entrancing. In his regular "Ben Stein Watch" feature's Felix Salmon is so distraught by Ben Stein's most recent effort that he unloads 500 words of his own trashing Stein's "860 words of utter gobbledegook" without once even mentioning what the column is actually about. Likewise, Naked Capitalism's Yves Smith adds another 421 words of commentary labeling Stein "the Weekly World News of economics writing," but also can't bring himself to address the content.

I feel your pain!  Must.Look.Away!

From Salon (You may have to watch an ad to see his column.)

No doubt about it, ID leads the True Intellectuals of the world.

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