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Quote (steve_h @ Oct. 29 2007,11:12)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 29 2007,15:55)




1:47 am

As soon as I saw a Monty Python cartoon appearing in Sean Carrolís review of Edge of Evolution I stopped reading. Anyone who needs to resort to Monty Python in a scientific argument can be safely ignored as not having any legs to stand on.

How do you feel about farting flash, Dave?

Evolutionary Theory and Monty Pythonís Black Knight, Dembski:  
Just as Monty Pythonís Black Knight was whittled from a full human to a stump, so evolutionary theory is finally being whittled to its proper size. Where, in the whittling of the Black Knight, is evolutionary theory (stage I, II, III, IV, or V?):

The Problem of Improvable Design DaveScot:
The story of King Arther and the Black Knight would have been much more entertaining if people could regrow lost limbs too!

By the way, I think thereís an analogy between Arthur (ID) and the Black Knight (evolution) to be made here.

Glen Davidson - Candidate for Stupid Question of the Year, DaveScot:
Thanks for showing us all the 5 Dís of Darwinism, by the way. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! Youíre not good at it but Iíll give you an A for persistence and no matter how big an ass I make of you, you keep coming back for more. Have you ever seen The Black Knight in ďMonty Python and the Holy GrailĒ? Thatís you Glen, the Black Knight. Itís only a flesh wound. Donít stop now. You can still try to bite my legs.  -ds

Darwinism the Invincible Douglas Moran


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