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At this point it is important to resurrect Dick Hoppe's Multiple Designer Theory (MDT) (I'm proud to say I played a small role in the discussion from which this came.)  I urge you all to read Dick's post on the Panda's Thumb, and if you are bold, explore ISCID, such as in this thread and this one.  (I was Evan at ISCID, back in the days when I posted under a pseudonym, and I posted as someone trying to push ID advocates to be more specific about ID)

We gave Dembski lots of good advice on this subject long ago: Bill however has taken this considerably further, introducing concepts which should make it easy for anyone to grasp the subject.

[Added in edit]Dick Hoppe is a Panda's Thumb member active in science activism in Ohio.  Dick has thought more specifically about the kinds of things that Dembski is now saying his supporters should think about than any ID advocate ever has, because the IDists purposely, I think, avoid trying to spell out the concrete details of their ideas.

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