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Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 18 2007,17:10)
Spin THIS, IDiots:

Ha!  Borne answers you thusly:    
The only possible way to prove the existence of a or many universes is by discovering them in reality - not by mathematical formula or invention.

In this case math can only predict a possible existence based on theory.

But more importantly, I see no problem with a multi-verse reality. It changes nothi ... oh gawd, my flesh is dissolving, aaaargh!!!  Oh!  Christ! Oh Christ! The pain the pa

The transmission ended abruptly at this point, but we believe Borne was about to utter a logical proof that not only can't you prove the existence of something from its possibility, but that two plus two does indeed equal five, given sufficiently large values for two.  At least, we think it's possible that he was going to.

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