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Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 18 2007,16:36)




9:24 am
lotf is no longer with us

Boo! DaveTard just phoned that one in. Is your heart still in it, Dave? Will lotf end up here, or is he already here?

Banned for making bornagain77 look stupid!  But really for being a Satanist (or at least playing one).   Even after he had been assured that ID was religion neutral.  Lets just recall how this began:

I have to admit as a non christian (though a believer in a higher power) but supporter of ID I am seeeing more and more references to christianity here and itís beginning to put me off. I assumed my religion would not be an issue in the science of ID but I am worried it might be.

To which gpuccio replies, reassuringly:

please, be sure that ID is pure science, and has nothing to do with religion. So, at least from my point of view, and I hope for the point of view of most people here, you are perfectly welcome, anything you may believe in.
Sometimes I am a little bit worried too when discussions here become too specifically religious. But after all, this is a blog, not a scientific congress, and I think that everyone is free to express what one feels important, provided that the general subject remains the scientific approach of ID.

And, although lotf wonders where all the references to Judaism, Islam and other religions are,  russ emphasizes that "there is no catechism for this blog."
This puts lotf's mind at rest:    
So any religious views are equal in ID? That is hopefully the case I guess itís just maybe we see more Christian posters here as this is a US based forum.

This may be one of the few blogs a Luciferian like myself can converse with Christians without rancour.

I think lotf would be very welcome here (if he's not here already under another name...)


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