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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 17 2007,05:05   

DavidBrennan is a fine piece of work:    
Watson’s just saying what all Darwinists secretly think, including Margaret Sanger and a cast of thousands.

And these power-tripping Darwinists do far more than just think it….they act on their eugenic fantasies: reproductive rates are dropping rapidly, and it’s due to plummetting fertility in both sexes more than it is lifestyle choices.

Men’s testosterone levels have been PLUMMETTING for 25 years.

(If Rush Limbaugh’s wondering why he needs Viagara and Bill O’Reilly’s wondering why he has bizarre sexual predilictions….maybe they should look to the secret activities of their Darwinist, globalist, faux-Christian handlers.)

Make no mistake about it: in business, science, and politics, these social Darwinists are out to manipulate and control the population.

Can somebody just refresh my memory here?  I forget how the evil Darwinist conspiracy managed to make  testosterone levels plummet.  Did we put something in the water?

Also, how did we become social Darwinists?  I thought social Darwinism was a philosophy designed to appeal to the rich and powerful that has nothing to do with Darwin except misusing his name.

I don't think the Evil Darwinist Conspiracy can take credit for Limbaugh and O'Rielly's sexual preferences and problems, though.  They're just plain dorks.

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