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Strictly speaking, this is not UD related - but I'll bet we can get Salvadore to fall for it:

A bunch of YECs are going to Africa to hunt pterosaurs.  (They would go to Papua, New Guinea, but Reverand Carl Baugh is way ahead of them there - he's already got permits from the PNG government to capture a few pterosaurs.)  

They could also have hunted apatosaurs, which are "known" to live in the jungles of the Congo, but they're too big.

Plesiosaurs live in many lakes, and their carcasses have been found in the oceans, but they're too shy.

Trilobites live on the bottom of the ocean, but they'd need a sub.

Velociraptors "terrorize the goat herders of Puerto Rico and are rumored to guard the remains of the Ark on Mt. Ararat", but they've gotten very vicious since the fall due to "genetic entrophy".

So, pterosaurs are more or less "just right".  They're small enough for a single church to start a breeding colony and they don't live too long, which for some reason makes breeding them easier.

Also, check out for a picture of Confederate soldiers standing on the body of a pterosaur if you don't believe they exist.

Also, don't fail to click on the anti-triclavianist button on the left side of the first page.  Seems there's a bit of controversy about just how many nails held Jesus to the cross.

And remember, if anything on these pages looks like a parody to you, it's a sure and certain sign that you're going to hell.  Or that you'll go to heaven and Salvadore will spend all eternity explaining ID to you.

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