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Quote (JohnW @ Oct. 05 2007,18:38)
If only jumping to conclusions was an Olympic event:




6:04 pm
off topic: has a story suggesting that the appendix does have an important use for the body.





6:35 pm
The appendix story isnít being touted as an ID story by the mainstream media, but it should be. Iíll bet the authors are closet ID supporters. Can we get Mr. Scot to check that for us? (I donít presume to boss anyone, but I just thought it might be a good idea?)

And itís published in a peer-reviewed journal. Take that, Mr. Dawkin!


From the article:  
Also, the worm-shaped organ outgrowth acts like a bacteria factory, cultivating the good germs, Parker said.

That use is not needed in a modern industrialized society, Parker said. If a person's gut flora dies, they can usually repopulate it easily with germs they pick up from other people, he said. But before dense populations in modern times and during epidemics of cholera that affected a whole region, it wasn't as easy to grow back that bacteria and the appendix came in handy.

Somewhere in my basement, I have a circa 1988 YEC book with a footnote that says the appendix does so have a use - it provides jobs for surgeons. †I swear this is true!

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