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Quote (Doc Bill @ Oct. 02 2007,16:45)
Oh, come on, now!

This is Dembski.  We know Waterloo Dembski of Judge Jones Flash fame.

Dembski doesn't apologize.  No way.  Especially not to Baylor.

What's in it for Dr. Dr. to apologize to Baylor?  Dembski is a turd in Baylor's punchbowl and there ain't no way, no how that he's going to set foot on campus ever again.

Do you really think that an insincere paragraph will soak up all the venom Dembski has spit Baylor's way?  NFW.

Au contraire, I think it's his current masters at Southwest who pointed out Dembski's distinctly un-Christianlike behavior.  And how it reflected poorly on Southwest Theological to have such an outspoken jackass on their staff.

Someone who has Dembski's jewels in a vise told him to wise up or ship out.  My theory.

Like, for instance, the Board of Regents of the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary?  I wonder what they discussed at their last meeting?

"He actually posted the home addresses and telephone numbers of the Baylor Board of Regents!!"

"How long until he gets pissed at us and posts our addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers and mother's maiden names?"

"Can we say "pissed"?  After all, we're Baptists."

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