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Quote (Jay Ray @ Mar. 04 2006,13:44)
Given the recent failures and general disarray of the ID movement, I'm a little disappointed that it hasn't collapsed.  But I'm not surprised.  As a PR movement, its still got lots of legs.  

Anyone know if Howard Ahmanson is still funding the DI?  Lenny Flank and I have a sort of gentlemen's bet.  Lenny predicted Ahmanson was going to dump the DI shortly after the Dover decision.  "Good money after bad," and all that.  I think Ahmanson never cared about the money or "science" in the first place, and was more interested in the DI as a ministry, and as a tool to further his reconstructionist machinations.  At these latter goals, the DI is a successful gaggle, failures included.

The Disco institute is in no danger of collapse.  Despite its repeated failures, there are simply too many "true believers" out there with deep pockets for it to fold any time soon.

Heck, if a completely openly creationist organization like Answers in Genesis can keep the millions rolling in, then the DI should have no trouble in that regard.

If there is any danger of their folding, it stems from their tactics of watering down their challenge to evolution (to sneak it past the courts) which may end up alienating their more millitant religious support base.

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