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I happened to click over to, a fundamentalist "watchblog" that chronicles all the 'worldly' goings on in the evangelical church that offend them (and thereby God). Anyway, if you click through the link, you'll see that this site, which was fairly high profile and had solid traffic (lots of fundamentalist to keep on the lookout!), was wiped out, apparently due to the installation script left in an accessible place, allowing anyone who tried to re-initialize the blog.

She's baaack at  No signs indicating that she's doing backups on this one, either.  Why do backups when you've got God watching over your blog, I guess.

For those who don't know her, Slice of Laodicia was a blog of Ingrid Guzman, who, after she ignored Jesus's clear commands and got a divorce, remarried and became Ingrid Schlueter.  Ingrid and her father, Vic Eliason, are from the Milwaukee WI area and have started approximately ten thousand million Xian radio stations and distribute a truly bizarre program called "Crosstalk" to all of them and more via satellite every weekday.  More details at and

My personal hypothesis: if there really is a god and he really is on your side, you won't have to do backups.  And if your web log gets screwed up, it's a clear sign that you're actually working for the devil.  Dembski and Schlueter's misfortunes are prime evidence for this theory.

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