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kairosfocus writes:

Now, WHY does all of this lead to such interesting real-world connexions? Such as, for example, the Fourier and Laplace transform and the world of frequency and dynamical responses of systems?

Because we developed a mathematics that describes accurately the world around us.  If we lived in a different world, or wanted to describe things differently we would have different math.

In short, why is Math ? an issue of mind and abstract logic ? so elegant and magical, with capacity to refer to observed reality?

Because if it weren't, we wouldn't call it math - we'd call what ever else refers to the real world "math", and consider that "elegant and magical".  The ancient Greeks had math, too - it was hardly elegant or magical.

As an aside I'd suggest that anyone who's ever tried to do Bayesian analysis without conjugate priors and who still calls all of mathematics "elegant" is off his rocker.

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