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Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 04 2007,16:01)
Just had another thought...

The whole Dembksi / UD / ID saga is perfect for TV. ?

It's got pathos, gross stupidity, a guy everyone loves to hate... another guy everyone loves to hate... well, it's got A LOT OF GUYS (including Denyse) that people love to hate...

The zany UD madcaps are always in trouble, and hilarity ensues. ?Every week, Demsbksi and his "Igor" (DaveScot) try to get into another university, but just like Gilligan and his crew never got off the island, UD et al, never get in another University!

Standing joke: ?Casey Luskin (played by himself, cuz no one else could be as whiney) trying to say something smart, but it always comes out dumb... "Casey You struck out" will be the line on everyone's lips for the whole first season.

Call the show "Trainwrecked" and you've got yourself a winner!

In honor of stevestory's first post in the Official Uncommonly Dense Discussion Thread, call it "Everlasting Trainwrecked".

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